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Why Earth Box Rental

Plastic Moving Box
Easy Moving Process
Fast and Simple

We’ve made the process as simple as possible. You tell us when and where to deliver the moving boxes, you pack and move, and then we will come and pick up the empty boxes when you’re all done.  Each rental package comes with the perfect quantity of moving boxes for your move and a Box Dolly to help move the boxes around. With Earth Moving Boxes you don’t have to worry about them getting wet, crushed or the bottoms falling out like you do with cardboard.  We also offer other packing and moving supplies such as bubble wrap  packing paper, wardrobe boxes and more.


Move Green

The average move requires 65 cardboard boxes, weighing on average 1.4 pounds each, which means a typical move uses 82 pounds of cardboard. If 100 people per month switched from using cardboard moving boxes to Smartboxes, 48 eight tons of paper could be saved each year. According to the Waste Management Company this would save:

  • 816 trees

  • 3,792 gallons of oil.

  • 336,000 gallons of water.

  • 2 million kilowatts of energy.

  • 2880 gallons of air pollution.

  • 144 cubic yards of landfill space.


  • Easier: No tape. No box assembly.

  • No recycling mess.

  • Faster: Just pack, stack and go.

  • Cheaper: Complete packages start at $55 delivered.

  • Free fitted moving cart with order.

Save your wallet while saving the environment. Rent affordable plastic moving boxes. Our durable, environmentally friendly boxes offer you a more efficient, cost-effective alternative to cardboard boxes.

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